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Rodren Drilling Solutions
Rodren Drilling Solutions
Rodren Drilling Solutions
Rodren Drilling Solutions
Rodren Drilling Solutions
Rodren Drilling Solutions

Our Services Include. . .

Communication in any business is vital.  When working in remote locations it is critical.  Our crews are equipped with state-of-the-art communication equipment that include Satellite Phones and Internet, Mobile Phones, Fleetnet and Two Way Radios.  This allows access for parts, health and safety, timely results 24 hours a day / 7 days a week from anywhere on the globe.

Our foreman and supervisors are skilled in all aspects of drilling, logistics, health and safety as well as communicating with your personnel.

Contracting Solutions. . .

  1. Customizing solutions to meet your needs

  2. Specializing in the ability to accommodate projects that require difficult or unusual circumstances

  3. Membership in the CDDA (Canadian Diamond Drilling Association) where the member companies represent world leaders in the diamond drilling industry

  4. Quality crews and equipment that translates into low cost per meter and timely results


Customization to suit each situation. . .

When evaluating a drilling contractor, it is important to analyze which company will meet your individual needs.  Rodren Drilling Ltd. Specializes in custom planning for every contract. 

For every contract each aspect from mobilization of crews and equipment to demobilization is considered.  Pricing is matched to your needs – whether you are exploring in the mountains of British Columbia or the wilderness of the Canadian Shield.  We will succeed on your behalf.

Regardless of the logistics, Rodren Drilling Ltd. will have the solutions that WORK.

Capabilities. . .

Our crews experience is well respected and highly acclaimed.  As a result, we are often chosen for projects that require difficult or unusual solutions.  Our team of drillers, helpers, and mechanics routinely design or modify systems so we are not intimidated by new challenges.


For example, we have. . .

  • Drilled on frozen lakes, hundreds of meters deep

  • Drilled off barges when results couldn’t wait

  • Moved our equipment with trucks, tractors, helicopters and airplanes

  • Worked in extreme weather conditions

  • Supplied cooks, camps and core handling services for a complete ‘turn-key’ operation.


We are ready for the challenge.

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