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Rodren Drilling
Rodren Drilling
Rodren Drilling
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since 1977

In Our Community

Community involvement is very important to us and we strongly believe in giving back to the communities in which we work and live.  We do this through our "Metres for Kids" program as part of the "Be my Hero" capital campaign with The Children's Hospital Foundation of Manitoba.

Why Are We Members of Associations?

It is important to us at Rodren Drilling to be members of associations in the mining industry.  It allows us to stay up to date on the current practices, procedures and regulations in our industry.  We are also able to share our innovation and advancement in mining processes with others in the industry.  These things together allow us to help serve our customers better.  We are proud members in the following industry associations.



The vision statement of the CDDA states that the Canadian Diamond Drilling Association is recognized worldwide for its leadership and expertise in the provision of high quality drilling services and products.


The mission statement states that as Leaders in the field of mining health and safety, we will work to continuously improve and implement leading edge accident prevention action/programs while interfacing to positively impact legislation/regulations.


The mission statement states to act as an advocacy group for the concerns and interests of our member and to inform the public of the values of mining in Manitoba.


The MWWA states its objectives as to place the Water Well Contracting business on a scientific and business basis; to maintain an organization to assist, promote, encourage and support the interest and welfare of the Water Well Industry in the Province of Manitoba; to foster, aid and promote scientific education, standards, research and techniques, in order to improve the methods of water well construction; to promote and encourage harmony and co-operation between members and government agencies relative to the proper development and protection of the underground water supply; to generally advance the mutual interests of those engaged in the Water Well Industry, in their own and in the public interest.


The Construction Safety Association of Manitoba (CSAM) represents commercial, industrial and residential construction contractors.

COR Certified


Rodren Drilling Ltd. has developed and implemented a Health and Safety Program that has met the national standards of COR "Certification of Recognition" through Construction Safety Association of Manitoba. We are committed to providing and maintaining a safe work environment for all employees, contractors and the public through the use of a comprehensive health and safety program. At Rodren Drilling Ltd. we believe that everyone is responsible for safety in the workplace and guarantee that it is our number one cultural priority. Our company strives to lead by example and to set a high standard for safety in the industry, motivated to aim for zero incidents and to maintain the standard of safety excellence in our workplace.


Our commitment is to provide safe, environmental friendly, high quality services to our clients. Rodren Drilling Ltd.'s Environmental Safety Program is implemented to ensure that the operating sites and services delivered exceed the legislated standards and expectation of the customer. It is our priority to offer drilling services that meet the needs of the client, while ensuring employees conducting the work are safe and the environment protected.  The program utilizes documentation, onsite practices, procedures and environmental safety training to ensure that these requirements are met proactively.

Debbie Van Linge

National Construction Safety Officer

health and safety
COR Safety Program Accredited | Rodren Drilling Ltd. | Manitoba
COR Safety Program Accredited | Rodren Drilling Ltd. | Manitoba
Canadian Diamond Drilling Association Safety Certificate | Rodren Drilling
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