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Rodren Drilling: Working in Compliance with Manitoba Workplace Safety and Health

In the diamond drilling industry injury is a major concern across the mineral exploration sector (Canadian Mineral Exploration Health & Safety Annual Report 2009). Due to the nature of our work and the harsh environments we work in.

Our drillers are exposed to higher chances of injury so not only do we want to protect our drillers, we want to also minimize the legal liability and costs to our clients. That is why we take necessary precautions to prevent potential incidents or control and mitigate their impact for all parties involved.

In addition to achieving Drilling Excellence Certification by the CDDA, we are also fully compliant with Manitoba Workplace Safety and Health ( SAFE Work is a partnership between the Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba and Manitoba Workplace Safety and Health whose goal is to build a strong culture of safety and health in workplaces in Manitoba.

At Rodren Drilling we continue to go outside the box to find innovative solutions to our challenges. From our drills, to our procedures, to our safety initiatives, to the betterment of children’s health with our Metres for Kids campaign.

Connect with us to find out how we can help you recover core samples and or find innovative solutions to your mining needs. 1(866) 339-1668.

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