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Best Practices Set the Standard for Drilling Excellence

Our commitment to Safety, Environment and Quality doesn’t just apply to the job site, but it also applies to our corporate culture and become best practices on how we will handle issues that arise.

In today’s world of heightened environmental awareness, it is important that a company properly protects itself, its clients, and the environment it is working in from all the perils that it faces in its day to day operations.

We properly insure our equipment and we properly practice safe drilling and document the resources to ensure consistency. We ensure our employees are insured and protected with well document health and safety practices, which includes a full Environmental Impairment Liability policy, Bodily Injury, Property Damage, and Completed Operations.

Having the proper Environmental Impairment Liability policy in place could make the difference between whether an incident is covered or not . The policy we decided to purchase covers not only accidental spills which could include anything from an oil drum tipping over to a forklift puncturing an oil tank; it will also extend to cover the gradual release of pollutants which include any solid, liquid, gaseous or thermal irritant such as smoke, vapor, soot, fumes, alkalis, chemicals and waste.

Through these best practices we have achieved Drilling Excellence Certification for three consecutive years certified by the Canadian Diamond Drilling Association (CDDA). The DEC certification is helping drilling companies develop an integrated health and safety, environmental, and quality management system both in the field and in the office.

To find out how we can help you with your next mineral exploration drilling project, contact Rodren Drilling online, or by telephone at 1-866-339-1668.

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