Safety, Environment & Quality

Our commitment is to provide safe, environmentally-friendly, high-quality services for our staff, customers and prime contractors.

Rodren Drilling Ltd.'s Safety, Environment & Quality Program is implemented to ensure the operating sites and services delivered exceed the legislated standards and expectations of the customer.  It's our priority to offer drilling services that meet the needs of the client, while ensuring employees conducting the work are safe and healthy, and having no ill-effects on the environment we are working in.  The program utilizes documentation, onsite practices and procedures and employee education to ensure these requirements are met proactively.

Rodren Drilling Ltd. is an active member of the Mining Association of Manitoba and the Mines Accident Prevention Association of Manitoba (MAPAM).  The MAM and MAPAM groups are made up of leaders in Manitoba in mining safety and quality that collaborate together to ensure practices used are standardized throughout the province.


Drilling Excellence Certification DEC 

Rodren Drilling Ltd. is also a proud member of the Canadian Diamond Drilling Association (CDDA). The CDDA is leading the way to fewer injuries on drill rigs. The CDDA DEC certification will help drilling companies develop an integrated health and safety, environmental and quality management system in the field and in the office. The certification process audits the safety, environment, and quality policies and practices implemented within a company to ensure they exceed the minimum standards.


Safety Training Programs

As part of our committment to providing the best drilling services and to protect our employees, we are also enrolled in the COR program, distributed by MHCA WORKSAFELY

Rodren Drilling Ltd. also operates in compliance with Manitoba Workplace Safety and Health.  Similar to the Manitoba Workplace Safety and Health, we work constantly to improve our safety standards to protect the safety of our drillers and staff.

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Commitment to the Environment

Rodren Drilling Ltd. is committed to ensuring all their sites and practices protect the environment. We comply with all laws and regulations by ensuring the equipment, tools, training and resources required to protect the environment are on site and available.


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